SRDF Grants available for Teachers seeking certification as Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALT) and seeking continuing education units with a dyslexia focus through conferences, workshops, and classes

Our Grants Process

For teacher certification in CALT Level Dyslexia Therapy and Educator Continuing Education

A major part of the SRDF’s mission is to support teachers’ continuing education in order to better help kids with dyslexia. Our idea is simple- the more teachers equipped with the specialized training needed to serve students with dyslexia and other disorders of written language, the more kids will be helped. One way we do this is to award GRANTS to qualified teachers for training at approved training centers to earn CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) level training and educator continuing education.

Starting in January 2020 we will receive and evaluate applications. Applications must be received 4 months before planned training. Teachers will be informed of status of their applications as evaluations are completed. To start this process, please follow the steps below.

Process for grant applications

The applicant sends us an email to introducing themselves to SRDF. Basic information needs to include: Name, Title, Email address, School district (ISD, Private or Charter school) contract for employment, level of experience with persons identified with dyslexia, and plans for future teaching in the next 5 years.

Teacher Sends Us An Email

Next, SRDF will send formal application forms for the teacher and their Teaching Organization/Employer to apply for the grant(s) needed for the teacher’s training. Return them to us for evaluation.

Formal Application Forms

Since many programs run two years in length, funding for the second year will be granted upon receipt of a request for the additional funds needed based on satisfactory completion of year one and school support.

Second Year of Funding

Web Addresses for training centers for teachers in Dyslexia Therapy

Dyslexia Center of Austin –
Rawson Saunders Institute –

Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia & Learning Disorders Scottish Rite Hospital –

San Antonio
Scottish Rite Learning Center of South Texas –

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